The All Party Parliamentary Group on Gurkha Welfare is holding an inquiry into all issues regarding the Gurkha communities in the Unitied Kingdom. The inquiry will be conducted by the APPG, chaired by Jackie Doyle-Price MP.

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Announcing the Inquiry, Chairman Jackie Doyle-Price said, “The Gurkhas are a much valued part of the British army and are held in high self esteem and with considerable affection by the British public. There are Gurkha communities up and down the country who play a positive role in our communities.

Whilst there have been significant developments in recent years in terms of the pay and conditions of Gurkha soldiers and the extension of the right to settlement there remain some outstanding grievances which the Gurkhas are determined to have addressed.

It is for this reason that the All Party Group is to hold this inquiry. This will give the Gurkhas the opportunity to make their case to a committee of Parliamentarians and for the Ministry of Defence to publicly address the points”.

The Committee will consider representations on the following areas:

1. Gurkha pensions.

2. Adult dependents.

3. Medical health care in Nepal.

4. Benefits and Allowances. The inquiry to consider historical unfairness in pay, benefits and allowances.

5. Gurkha communities in Britain

Written evidence has been submitted and the group will now hold a series of public hearings

Wednesday 12th March 1030-12.00

Lokendra Prush Dhakal, Dr Chandra Laksamba Dr Krishna Adhikari Professor David N. Gellner from the Centre for Nepal Studies, United Kingdom (CNSUK), which has recently published a report on British Gurkha Pension Policies.

Wednesday 12th March 1400-1600

Dr Ramnarayan Kandangwa served in the British Army for 17 years.  He has a PhD on Nepal-Britain Relations with Special Reference to Gurkhas, from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

Thursday 20th March 1130-1330 and 1430-1700

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Hamish M Adams MBE

Lt Col Hamish M Adams served six tours in the Brigade of Gurkhas that culminated in command of the Queen’s Gurkha Signal Regiment from 1987 to 1990.  He twice served in Nepal.  He also served for eight years in British Regiments in Germany.  He took early retirement in 1991 and was employed as Deputy Commandant (Administration) of the Sultan of Brunei’s Gurkha Reserve Unit until 2001.

Wednesday 26th March 1030-1200

Deepak Maskey

A Falklands War Veteran with 18 years of exemplary service in the British Army. He also served during Operation Warden in Iraq and retired as a Sergeant in 1994. Mr Maskey is also the Acting Chairman of the United British Gurkhas Ex-Army Association (UBGEA UK) and the Director of Communication for the lead Gurkha organisation known as the SATYAGRAHA. Captain (Retired) Rambahadur Limbu VC (only surviving Gurkha VC recipient) and several live witnesses are expected to accompany Mr Maskey at his hearing.

Wednesday 26th March 1615-1830 CR8

Dr David O’Halloran, a Medical Consultant who since 1995 has worked internationally for the Medical Agencies ‘Aca-medic’ and ‘Square One Medical’, and with Medicines sans Frontier’s and Christian Aid, primarily in Africa, to bring medical assistance and education to areas of abject poverty.  Dr O’Halloran planned to undertake a similar medical/education programme in Nepal but abandoned the planning to support the recent Gurkha campaigns

Wednesday 2nd April 1030 – 12.00 CR10

Major Tikendra Dewan, the Chairman of the British Gurkha Welfare Society and the President of the Greater Rushmoor Nepali Community. He is the CEO of Gurkha Resources Limited Co.  Having served the British Army for 31 years then 11 years in the Civil Service he has now been appointed CE of GnERGY the first ever community led energy supplying company in the UK and has also been recently appointed to be Justice of the Peace for England and Wales.

Wednesday 2nd April 1615-1830 CR10

Gyanraj Rai, retired Warrant Officer and is the spokes person of the United British Gurkhas Ex-Servicemen’s Association (UBGEA). Mr Rai staged a Fast-Until-Death hunger strike opposite the 10 Downing Street from 7 – 21 November.

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